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Icons of your favourite movies, pictures of celebrities and much more can be found here. Find and download tons of Movie Star Icons. More than 20,000 images for free use! Do you like MSN messenger? Here you can find tons of free MSN Display Pictures.

Get the newest icons by RSS feeds on your desktop. The website is updated very often. Add it to bookmarks! is your place to find new icons of stars and popular movies. Lots of MSN Display Pictures. Just drag icon picture over your display picture in MSN messenger. Use star icons in your AIM, MSN or Yahoo messenger.

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New icons

Happening 4
Happening 4 from Happening by Star. Downloaded 4430 times
David Hasselhoff 5
David Hasselhoff 5
from David Hasselhoff
by Star
Downloaded 6300 times
Sex and the City The Movie 38
Sex and the City The Movie 38
from Sex and the City The Movie
by Star
Downloaded 5149 times
Strangers 13
Strangers 13
from Strangers
by Star
Downloaded 4455 times
Gwyneth Paltrow 8
Gwyneth Paltrow 8
from Gwyneth Paltrow
by Star
Downloaded 4397 times
You Do not Mess with the Zohan 21
You Do not Mess with the Zohan 21
from You Do not Mess with the Zohan
by Star
Downloaded 4767 times
Eva Mendes 9
Eva Mendes 9
from Eva Mendes
by Star
Downloaded 4617 times

Random icons

Gwyneth Paltrow 15 Zhang Ziyi Icon 49 Rogue Icon 2 Oprah Winfrey 48
Gwyneth Paltrow 15
from Gwyneth Paltrow
Zhang Ziyi Icon 49
from Zhang Ziyi
Rogue Icon 2
from X-Men 3
Oprah Winfrey 48
from Oprah Winfrey
The Green Mile 11 Buffy Icon 30 Jim Carrey Icon 56 Shakira 39
The Green Mile 11
from The Green Mile
Buffy Icon 30
from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Jim Carrey Icon 56
from Jim Carrey
Shakira 39
from Shakira
Gillian Anderson Icon 20 Scarlett 22 John Tucker Must Die 18 Perfect Stranger 13
Gillian Anderson Icon 20
from Gillian Anderson
Scarlett 22
from Gone with the Wind
John Tucker Must Die 18
from John Tucker Must Die
Perfect Stranger 13
from Perfect Stranger
Crime Scene Investigation Icon 56 Christian Bale 33 Ashley Judd Myspace Icon Penelope Cruz Icon 31
Crime Scene Investigation Icon 56
from CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Christian Bale 33
from Christian Bale
Ashley Judd Myspace Icon
from Ashley Judd
Penelope Cruz Icon 31
from Penelope Cruz
Julianne Moore 11 Chris Evans 59 Atonement 25 Jude Law Icon 57
Julianne Moore 11
from Julianne Moore
Chris Evans 59
from Chris Evans
Atonement 25
from Atonement
Jude Law Icon 57
from Jude Law
Clint Eastwood 74 Indiana Jones 25 Paul Bettany 17 Daniel Radcliffe Icon 40
Clint Eastwood 74
from Clint Eastwood
Indiana Jones 25
from Indiana Jones
Paul Bettany 17
from Paul Bettany
Daniel Radcliffe Icon 40
from Daniel Radcliffe

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