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Use star icons in your AIM, MSN or Yahoo messenger. Do you like MSN messenger? Here you can find tons of free MSN Display Pictures. The website is updated very often. Add it to bookmarks!

Icon code can be copied and pasted in MySpace. Get the newest icons by RSS feeds on your desktop. is your place to find new icons of stars and popular movies.

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New icons

Happening 4
Happening 4 from Happening by Star. Downloaded 4435 times
David Hasselhoff 5
David Hasselhoff 5
from David Hasselhoff
by Star
Downloaded 6303 times
Sex and the City The Movie 38
Sex and the City The Movie 38
from Sex and the City The Movie
by Star
Downloaded 5151 times
Strangers 13
Strangers 13
from Strangers
by Star
Downloaded 4458 times
Gwyneth Paltrow 8
Gwyneth Paltrow 8
from Gwyneth Paltrow
by Star
Downloaded 4405 times
You Do not Mess with the Zohan 21
You Do not Mess with the Zohan 21
from You Do not Mess with the Zohan
by Star
Downloaded 4770 times
Eva Mendes 9
Eva Mendes 9
from Eva Mendes
by Star
Downloaded 4621 times

Random icons

Kirsten Dunst Icon 21 Desperate Housewives Icon 235 Kristin Kreuk Icon 14 Laetitia Casta Icon 24
Kirsten Dunst Icon 21
from Kirsten Dunst
Desperate Housewives Icon 235
from Desperate Housewives
Kristin Kreuk Icon 14
from Kristin Kreuk
Laetitia Casta Icon 24
from Laetitia Casta
Charlize Theron Icon 10 Tom Hanks Icon 42 30 Days of Night 21 Brendan Fraser Icon 34
Charlize Theron Icon 10
from Charlize Theron
Tom Hanks Icon 42
from Tom Hanks
30 Days of Night 21
from 30 Days of Night
Brendan Fraser Icon 34
from Brendan Fraser
Will Smith Icon 66 Bratz 38 Wild Hogs 49 Catherine Zeta Jones Icon 5
Will Smith Icon 66
from Will Smith
Bratz 38
from Bratz
Wild Hogs 49
from Wild Hogs
Catherine Zeta Jones Icon 5
from Catherine Zeta Jones
Charmed Icon 38 Beverly Hills 90210 32 Beverly Hills 90210 107 Mel Gibson Icon 27
Charmed Icon 38
from Charmed
Beverly Hills 90210 32
from Beverly Hills 90210
Beverly Hills 90210 107
from Beverly Hills 90210
Mel Gibson Icon 27
from Mel Gibson
Alec Baldwin Icon 97 Eastern Promises 10 The Devil Wears Prada Icon 41 Harry Potter Icon 162
Alec Baldwin Icon 97
from Alec Baldwin
Eastern Promises 10
from Eastern Promises
The Devil Wears Prada Icon 41
from The Devil Wears Prada
Harry Potter Icon 162
from Harry Potter
Kevin Sorbo Icon 11 Scanner Darkly Icon 30 David Schwimmer 64 Charlize Theron Icon 43
Kevin Sorbo Icon 11
from Kevin Sorbo
Scanner Darkly Icon 30
from Scanner Darkly
David Schwimmer 64
from David Schwimmer
Charlize Theron Icon 43
from Charlize Theron

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