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Get the newest icons by RSS feeds on your desktop. Find and download tons of Movie Star Icons. is your place to find new icons of stars and popular movies. Icons of your favourite movies, pictures of celebrities and much more can be found here.

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New icons

Happening 4
Happening 4 from Happening by Star. Downloaded 4454 times
David Hasselhoff 5
David Hasselhoff 5
from David Hasselhoff
by Star
Downloaded 6331 times
Sex and the City The Movie 38
Sex and the City The Movie 38
from Sex and the City The Movie
by Star
Downloaded 5171 times
Strangers 13
Strangers 13
from Strangers
by Star
Downloaded 4485 times
Gwyneth Paltrow 8
Gwyneth Paltrow 8
from Gwyneth Paltrow
by Star
Downloaded 4436 times
You Do not Mess with the Zohan 21
You Do not Mess with the Zohan 21
from You Do not Mess with the Zohan
by Star
Downloaded 4796 times
Eva Mendes 9
Eva Mendes 9
from Eva Mendes
by Star
Downloaded 4647 times

Random icons

Heidi Klum Icon 13 Because I Said So 6 Val Kilmer Icon 75 Monica Bellucci Icon 7
Heidi Klum Icon 13
from Heidi Klum
Because I Said So 6
from Because I Said So
Val Kilmer Icon 75
from Val Kilmer
Monica Bellucci Icon 7
from Monica Bellucci
Elijah Wood Icon 51 Barnyard 18 Rebecca Gayheart 35 Sarah Michelle Gellar Icon 111
Elijah Wood Icon 51
from Elijah Wood
Barnyard 18
from Barnyard
Rebecca Gayheart 35
from Rebecca Gayheart
Sarah Michelle Gellar Icon 111
from Sarah Michelle Gellar
Desperate Housewives Icon 42 Friends Icon 109 Wild Icon 47 Jason Biggs Icon 107
Desperate Housewives Icon 42
from Desperate Housewives
Friends Icon 109
from Friends
Wild Icon 47
from Wild
Jason Biggs Icon 107
from Jason Biggs
Charlie Sheen 35 Across the Universe 30 CSI Icon 26 Sylvester Stallone Icon 62
Charlie Sheen 35
from Charlie Sheen
Across the Universe 30
from Across the Universe
CSI Icon 26
from CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Sylvester Stallone Icon 62
from Sylvester Stallone
Emmy Rossum 15 Britney Spears Icon 50 Atlantis The Lost Empire Icon 52 Sex And The City Icon 165
Emmy Rossum 15
from Emmy Rossum
Britney Spears Icon 50
from Britney Spears
Atlantis The Lost Empire Icon 52
from Atlantis The Lost Empire
Sex And The City Icon 165
from Sex And The City
Bryan Adams Icon 78 Chris Evans 53 Alyson Hannigan Icon 26 Teri Hatcher Icon 91
Bryan Adams Icon 78
from Bryan Adams
Chris Evans 53
from Chris Evans
Alyson Hannigan Icon 26
from Alyson Hannigan
Teri Hatcher Icon 91
from Teri Hatcher

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